What does Furniture Futuristic refer to?

What does Furniture Futuristic refer to?

What does Furniture Futuristic refer to?

A futuristic furniture design is something that looks or seems like it is something from the future. As time goes on, the concept of what is considered futuristic changes. But at the same time, we still keep some key elements as to what we believe something from the future will look like. 

Futuristic furniture is one of the most amazing trends when it comes to home decor. Creating a design of a home based on how people from the future will live, work, eat, rest, and have fun is just an amazing and exciting challenge. 


What makes a piece of furniture Futuristic?

A futuristic furniture design is mainly based on creativity and the idea of how things will be done in the future. This mainly translates to the furniture having a distinct shape, either curved or angular, and being made out of leather, metal, and glass. 

Futuristic furniture is also about what it has to offer, its functionality. And it is only logical that a futuristic design is filled with technology and innovation. From automated designs that are both efficient and comfortable to being multifunctional. Smart technology that ranges from large built in gadgets to small, movable tools.

Time saving, efficient, functional. A piece of futuristic furniture is all of these things and more. 


Top Futuristic Furniture Designs From Jubilee Furniture

Now that we know what makes a piece of furniture “Futuristic”, it is time to see what some of the top Futuristic Furniture designs Jubilee Furniture has to offer.


Customization refers to the ability to make changes. In the case of Jubilee Furniture, the ability to customize our furniture is one of our main features. 

From colors to material, Jubilee Furniture has it all! You have the option to choose from Fabric, Bonded Leather, and Top Grain Italian Leather. You can even customize the size - width, length, height - so that it fits your space. By adding, subtracting, or resizing it.

Add-ons are another feature that Jubilee Offers to make your Sectional and Sofa Set unique, convenient, and for you. From adding on a matching coffee table and TV stand to having a console table, bed function, USB port, and cup holder that can make your furniture truly multifunctional. 

Take a look at our Sahara Modern Leather Sectional with LED Light for example. 



Being automated means that our furniture is SMART! From LED Lights that are able to be remote controlled from a distance to our Bluetooth speakers that can be paired with your smart device. 

Check out our Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed




A piece of Futuristic Furniture has to be multifunctional! Having multiple uses and purposes makes it much more convenient and brings about an increased sense of comfort. Why get frustrated by the lack of storage spaces and a cramped room when your bed can double as your bookshelf? Why worry about having enough space when family comes to stay when you have a couch that doubles as a bed?

These are exactly the advantages our Victor Ultimate Smart Multifunctional Bed and our Selena Modular Tufted Sectional have!


Cup Holders

A Cup Holder may be unassuming and something that you would not typically think of when imagining Futuristic Furniture, but this simple design and add on has its own purpose.

Check them out in our Sahara Modern Leather Sectional with LED Light.


USB Port

Taking a closer look into Jubilee Furniture’s additional add on of an USB Port, it makes sense that futuristic furniture is all about convenience. 

Check out our Omont Modern Leather Sectional with Console! It’s USB Port function means that fighting over who gets to charge their smart device is a thing of the past!



LED Light

LED Lights are another stereotypically concept of what a piece of futuristic furniture will look like. Color Changing LED Lights are just an added bonus.

Our Omont Modern Leather Sectional with LED Light and our Mequon Large Leather Sectional with LED Lights. One is the perfect party couch with flashing color changing LED lights while the other is a classical and modern piece of furniture that is able to light up any reading space with its built in LED light platform.


Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers are not something that you would typically see on a classical piece of furniture, but it is something that you would expect to be on a Futuristic piece of furniture.

Take a look at our Omont Modern Leather Sectional with Console and our Grando Modern Sectional with Speaker and LED Lights. These built in Bluetooth Speakers make for the perfect party couch or movie night sectional.


Air Humidifier

Air Humidifier. What is it and what does it do? An air humidifier puts moisture into the air to prevent dryness. Have you ever woken up in the morning with dry skin, a sore throat, and chapped lips? An air humidifier can help ease some of these symptoms!

Check out our Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed for this amazing feature!

Massage Chair

Who doesn't love a good massage chair. By itself, a massage chair can already be classified as a piece of Futuristic Furniture. Add on a massage chair to a bed, now you have something special! The ultimate combination of a Bed and a Massage Chair means the Ultimate Smart Bed. 

Our Monica Multifunctional Smart Bed has the perfect massage chair feature when it comes to all our furniture!



A recliner is not something new in the furniture world, but this simple invention has become a new favorite for couch lovers. Recliners can now be put on single chairs and sofa sets to entire sectionals. Even some of our very customizable sectionals can be converted into recliners!

Check out our Aetius XL Modern U-Shaped Leather Sectional with Recliner and our Uli Leather Sofa Set. Do not forget our Omont Sectional or Sofa Set that can be converted into having a reclining feature!


Adjustable Headrest

An adjustable headrest may not seem like much, but this simple and small automatic or manual feature is designed to maximize comfort in the head. 

Take a look at our Eileend Leather Sectional Sofa with LED Lights!

Bed Function

It is a sectional! It is a sofa set! No! It is a sectional and sofa set that can become a bed! With the Bed Function, family and friends can come to visit and there will always be a place for them to sleep.

Check out our sectionals turned sofa beds!  Salvie Futuristic Sectional with LED Lights.


Bed fuction

Additional Features - Add On

For Jubilee Furniture, customization means more! More options, more features, and more you! Add on a matching Coffee Table or TV Stand to complete the look. Or, add on some smart features to make your furniture more comfortable and to suit your family. No more fighting over the charging stations. No more accidental spilled drinks. No more sleeping on the couch, unless you prefer it that way.

Take a look at our Bewley Modern Leather Sectional with Storage and our Lorib Leather Sofa Set With Storage. Also, our Valory Tech Smart Ultimate Bed!


Armless Chair

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