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Jubilee Furniture Online Claim Policy


At Jubilee Furniture, we strive to provide the best service possible. While we do everything to ensure your order design and delivery are seamless, there may be issues that occur during the manufacturing and shipping process. Any damaged or missing items can be addressed through a claim, and the entire claim process (“Process”) will consist of providing detailed information to the Jubilee Furniture Claims Department (“Department”) for us to provide an appropriate resolution. Carefully review the details of our Claim Policy (“Policy”) to make sure any issues are promptly noted and relayed to our team.





For each claim, customers are to make note of the following key points when filling out and submitting a Claim Form :

  • Claim forms must be submitted within forty-eight (48) hours from the date you receive your order
  • Additional information required to sufficiently process your claim must be submitted within seventy-two (72) hours from the date the Department requests it
  • The claim process will commence as soon as you finish filing your form
  • All information must be thorough and accurate
  • You must make a note of any visible damage or missing pallets/packaging (or contents) on the Proof of Delivery (POD) form during the delivery process
  • Allow up to fourteen (14) business days from the date you submit your claim form for any notifications from the Department
  • The claim process may take up to thirty (30) business days from the initial claim date
  • For customers who provide insufficient documentation or fail to maintain continual correspondence with a Department representative, their claims may either be delayed or closed entirely
  • Approved claims offering uplifts (compensation) in the form of in-store or online credit will be settled in an amount determined by the Department
  • Unauthorized returns and refused shipments for damaged and/or missing items will incur a restocking fee and additional freight charges (Jubilee Furniture does not refund any shipping charges), and these items may not qualify for consideration during the claim process
  • There can be only one claim form per order; one order may come with multiple items for which one claim form would need to be submitted
  • Uplifts, repairs, or replacements will NOT be supplemented for claims with any details intentionally or unintentionally omitted during the initial 48-hour claim process
  • All proposed uplifts, repairs, or replacements from the Department will NOT be processed separately; in order to process any claim with multiple offers, the Department requires confirmation of ALL resolution types simultaneously
  • Any item with concealed damage (i.e., any non-exposed damage) may, if the damage does not affect the product’s functionality, be resolved with an uplift in lieu of repairs
  • Repairs for torn fabric pieces underneath a sectional (i.e., dust covers that are not visible) will NOT be repaired or installed by Jubilee Furniture or third-party contractors
  • Replacement parts such as legs, glass panels, or other accessories will NOT be installed by Jubilee Furniture or any third-party contractor; customers may locate contractors or companies to perform the installations
  • Claims are determined based on manufacturing and/or in-transit issues and are resolved according to the information provided by the customer and assessed by the Department during the claim process; resolutions are not associated with returns, shipping issues or anything unrelated to damaged or missing items noted in the final delivery process
  • Any claim not reported within the 48-hour period will be addressed as a warranty issue and handled accordingly (see our Warranty Policy for more information)

Once you have submitted your claim, the Department will contact you, via email, with the next steps. Ample evidence of damaged or missing items is required to properly analyze and process a claim, so be sure to include as many pictures and descriptive details as possible when filling out your claim form. Claims are resolved on a case-to-case basis. Information provided to the Department within the designated time period does not automatically guarantee approval of a claim. Properly submitted claim forms will help minimize delays throughout the claim process. Be sure to check your spam folder for any missed emails.



Approved claims will consist of uplifts, repairs, and/or replacements by the Department in accordance with this Policy. Once a claim has been approved and processed, the claim will be closed, and no further resolution will be provided. If customers do not respond to an offer within thirty (30) calendar days from the offer date, the claim will be closed, and the offer will no longer be valid. Claims can be closed through either of the following situations:

  • A customer accepts a proposed resolution
  • A customer does not respond to the Department’s proposed resolution(s) within the allotted 30-day time period
  • A customer continually refuses a valid offer for reasons that do not correlate with this Policy
  • A customer does not simultaneously accept all offers



A claim may be denied for any of the following reasons:

  • The initial claim form with the required proper documentation was not submitted within the 48-hour timeline
  • A customer did not make a note of any damage to the packaging (and pallets, if applicable) on the POD prior to completion of their delivery
  • Any items were intentionally mishandled by the consignee(s) before, during, and/or after the claim process
  • The issue does not meet the criteria for a claim (i.e., the problem pertains to a warranty issue)

If a claim is denied, the claim will be closed, and no further action regarding additional uplifts, repairs, and/or replacements will be possible. Once a claim is closed, it is no longer eligible for review, and any additional resolutions will not be considered.





Follow the steps below to complete the initial claim process:

1. Go to the Claim Form page

2. Fill out each starred (*) section

3. Upload photos and/or videos showing all issues

4. Submit your claim

The following information is required for any damaged or missing items in order for the Department to substantiate (but not guarantee approval of) a viable claim:

  • Far-view photos of the entire product
  • Close-up and far-view photos of the individual pieces
  • Photos of the packaging (and pallets, if applicable)
  • A detailed description of every issue



Documentation & Process

Time Frame

Claim Form

48 Hours*

Additional Details (if requested)

72 Hours

Department Initial Assessment

14 Business Days

Department Final Assessment

30 Business Days


*Claims must be submitted within 48 hours from the date a customer receives their order. The Department cannot guarantee any resolution for claims submitted after the 48-hour window. While our goal is to ensure that all claims are resolved within a maximum of thirty (30) business days, keep in mind a fixed time frame for approved or denied claims is not guaranteed, particularly when considering the extent of the issue(s) involved in a claim. The Department may request additional information, which MUST be submitted within seventy-two (72) hours from the date you receive a follow-up response from a Department representative. If no further photos, videos, or documents are submitted within thirty (30) calendar days from the request, or if the Department does not receive a response regarding one or more offers within this time period, the claim will NOT be accepted.



Uplifts, repairs, and replacements for all orders are carefully assessed by the Department and are categorized accordingly. The Department works in conjunction with the carrier to determine the most appropriate resolution based on the information provided by the customer during the claim process. Any damaged or misplaced item that falls within the parameters of this Policy will either be repaired, replaced, or compensated at the carrier’s and Department’s discretion.



Claim Issue

Damage Percentage

Resolution Type

Dents, scuffs, marks, tears, holes, or rips


Uplift or in-store credit

Damage to removable parts( e.g., legs, pillows,headrests, etc.)



Damage to sectional dust covers


Repair kit

Unusable (destroyed) furniture or accessories**

50% or higher

Uplift or replacement

Missing items


Uplift or replacement


**Keep in mind that “unusable items” are products that have been damaged beyond repair (e.g., for furniture pieces or electronics that are either beyond repair or cannot be used for the purpose for which they were intended).



Replacement parts that are not in stock at our warehouse will need to be specially ordered from our overseas manufacturer. Ordered replacement parts may generally take 12–16 weeks for delivery. Unless otherwise noted by the customer, any replacement pieces will be sent to the same shipping address used for that customer’s final delivery, but confirmation of an address may still be required prior to shipment. Delivery times will vary according to a variety of factors, many of which are beyond the scope of Jubilee Furniture’s control. Larger replacement items for custom-made orders take approximately 12–16 weeks for manufacturing and delivery while in-stock replacement pieces may take 2–4 weeks. For general delivery information, please visit our Shipping Policy page.





Customers are encouraged to inquire about offer details with a Department representative. Written (email) confirmation is required by the Department and the customer to process an offer and finalize a claim. If a customer does not file a claim (i.e., if a customer does not submit an online claim form) after fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of delivery, the Department will still be able to assist but will be unable to guarantee approval of that claim.


While the Department will make every effort to assist each customer with their claim, it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain communication with the Department and to provide as much information as possible for the Department to promptly and properly resolve the customer’s claim. Neither the Department nor any Jubilee Furniture representative will be held responsible for issues relating to delayed claim submissions or other factors that may result in the denial of a claim. Once a claim is closed, it cannot be reopened for negotiation.

Customers are required to respond to Jubilee Furniture's communications within a 30-day window to facilitate the resolution process. In cases where no response is received within this period, the case will be deemed inactive and automatically closed, with no further action undertaken thereafter. However, Jubilee Furniture reserves the right, in exceptional circumstances and at its discretion, to reconsider and potentially reopen a case that has been closed due to lack of timely customer response, based on the company's current operational capabilities and specific situation of the case. This policy ensures efficient case management while allowing for flexibility under extraordinary circumstances.



Any concerns about finished repairs must be addressed by the customer within twenty-four (24) hours from the time the repairs are completed. Concerns will be addressed with the relative third-party contractor prior to a final resolution. If a customer does not contact us within the 24-hour time frame, the claim will be closed, and no further assistance will be provided. Keep in mind that this pertains to “highly unsatisfactory” repairs (e.g., repairs that leave strongly visible blotches, marks, contrasting color tones, or other noticeable discrepancies that SEVERELY affect the aesthetic layout or functionality of an item). Areas with concealed damage for which repairs were performed do not qualify for further resolutions. While we will do everything we can to ensure full customer satisfaction, it is important for each customer to adhere to their scheduled service(s) as arranged by a third-party contractor and agreed upon by the customer per the resolution provided by the Jubilee Furniture Claims Department. Once a repair/installation date and time has been confirmed with a customer, fees may be applied for any changes or cancellations (including refusals) while the contractor is in transit to or has already arrived at the customer’s residence.





Upon delivery, customers are expected to thoroughly examine the packaging and contents and to notate any issues such as damaged or missing items on the Proof of Delivery (POD) form.

During the delivery process, customers are to be aware of the following:

  • Customers MUST make a note on the POD of any damaged or missing contents
  • Any issues not noted by the customer on the POD will be assumed to have occurred after delivery
  • Upon signing the POD, the customer affirms that the packaging was not dismantled and/or removed from the pallets (if applicable) prior to the completion of their delivery
  • Photos of the packaging (and pallets, if applicable) are to be taken prior to dismantling the packaging and moving the contents

Customers adhere to all of the information found within our Claim Policy and Shipping Policy pages. The shipping and/or customer service departments will provide detailed steps via email correspondence about the details of this Policy prior to delivery.



Be sure to carefully remove all contents from the packaging. Jubilee Furniture or any carrier, or other third-party affiliate will not be responsible for ANY damage incurred by a customer from the use of boxcutters, Exacto knives, or other sharp objects used in the dismantling of their order’s packaging. Jubilee Furniture will not accept claims derived from intentional or accidental rips, tears, or other damage resulting from improper use of sharp dismantling tools. In accordance with our Policy, all Jubilee Furniture representatives including warehouse staff who are responsible for the quality assurance of each incoming and outgoing order are NOT to dismantle or remove any items from the packaging. All packaging is carefully inspected by our warehouse team for cracks, rips, tears, or any prominent damage to the external packaging (and pallets, if applicable) before relaying each order to the respective carrier.

IMPORTANT: Our carriers do NOT use sharp dismantling tools such as utility knives or boxcutters, so any claim involving damage assessed to be the result of a clean cut will not be approved.

For any questions related to this Policy, email us at or call us at (702) 413-1253.

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