3 Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom for Spring

3 Ways to Revamp Your Bedroom for Spring

Spring officially starts in less than 2 weeks! Transitioning into spring means ditching the dark and cozy vibes and bringing in the clean and fresh atmosphere. Since your bedroom is a space you spend a huge chunk of your time in, it makes sense to start there. Something about the holidays and cold weather continuing until March makes it feel like the new year hasn’t happened yet. Spring time makes everything feel like a new start.

Transition to Spring Color Tones

Now that winter is coming to a close, that means the coziness is over with and it’s time to lighten up your space. New curtains, a fresh bed set, and maybe even a new wall paint color will transform your entire room. Changing your heavy bedding to something lighter not just in weight but in color, can make a huge difference in the feel of your bedroom. 

De-Clutter your room, get rid of all the stuff you don’t need!

Ever heard of spring cleaning? All that built up holiday junk the last few months probably has your room feeling cluttered and claustrophobic. Something about a cozy-filled room makes it perfect for fall and winter, but something about warmer weather makes you want less clutter and more space. As annoying as it is to clean, your room will feel much better after doing it. Spring cleaning is the change you need each year to have a healthy home.

There is no correct way to “clean.” The most important thing to do is remove the things you won’t use until it’s time for fall and winter again. Use containers for storage to place in your garage. Clean out your closet of all the jackets, scarves and warm head gear you won’t be using. 

Fresh New Scents

Undoubtedly, bringing in the spring season starts with making it smell like fresh air. A simple window open can make a world of a difference. Let the outside air filter your room. Another option would be buying different scented air fresheners. Most people go for the non-organic way by purchasing citrus, flower, or lemon scents to refresh the air. Others will go for a more organic scent by placing plants such as flowers around the room for both spring decor and natural and obvious spring scents for the bedroom. A very common favorite “must” are candles. Candles are such a lovely touch especially during a lovely spring night when the weather is nothing short of perfect. 


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