Trendy and luxurious ultra modern sofas in 100% Italian leather. Sofa, love seat and chair features geometric inspired design with built-in LED lights and side storage space. 5 level adjustable headrests as well as generous seating room and armrests to give you the feel of comfort and spaciousness. The round stainless steel legs add to the design to for support. Available in one or two-toned hues. Complete the set by adding a matching coffee table and other optional additions.

Note: Single piece larger than 87" may be divided into separate pieces. 

How To Select Your Own Seating In Jubilee Furniture Store


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Steffi Leather Sofa Set with LED Light
From $4,000.00
Omont Leather Sofa Set with LED Light
From $3,750.00
Aetius Modern Leather Sofa Set with Recliner
From $4,100.00 $4,750.00
Lorib Leather Sofa Set With Storage
From $4,100.00 $4,349.00
Uli Leather Sofa Set
From $3,800.00
Lenmus Tufted Sofa Set
Mayulay Tufted Sofa Set
Wayhnit Tufted Sofa Set
Bysic Leather Sofa Set
From $3,650.00
Lisa Leather Sofa Set with LED Light
From $3,750.00
Juliny Leather Sofa Set
Olidano Leather Light Gray Sofa Set
From $2,799.00
Aolon Black Sofa Set
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