Decorating Your Outdoor Table

Decorating Your Outdoor Table

With spring in the air and summer nearing, you will be spending a lot more time outdoors. This season is perfect for family and friends get-togethers including barbecues, brunch, pool parties and more! Have some fun with your decor! Here are some decoration ideas for your outdoor occasional gatherings! Summer is filled with activities and opportunities for you to create fun and friendly gatherings right at the comfort of your own home. 

Take on a new project this season and add to your outdoor space! You will not regret upgrading your backyard space, you may not even want to leave it once it's done! Make all your occasions and events even better with a few little tips and tricks:


If you are looking to take advantage to these lovely summer nights, a candlelight dinner is a sweet way to go! Decorate your outdoor dining and living sets with candles to add a hint of sophistication and sparkle to the room.

Family Barbecue

With holidays such as Memorial Day and 4th of July coming up for the Summer season, it’s the time to have family together and celebrate together! What better way to do that than with a barbecue? Add a variety of color throughout your decorations and get creative. Don’t forget to throw in a grill, some music and have enough room on the outdoor dining table for everyone in the family!

Mimosas & Frosé Brunch

Mother’s Day is around the corner and a great way to plan for it is a DIY brunch right in your outdoor space! If your outdoor space is missing a patio cover, not to worry! Add a table umbrella for shade which also adds a nice touch to the feel of brunch at home! Go for a pastel palette and of course, don’t forget beautiful flower centerpieces! Jubilee Furniture has gorgeous patio furniture perfect for a brunch theme at home.

Lounging & Cozy Night In

If you are planning a cozy night in with your friends but want to get creative in the comfort of your own home, a wine and charcuterie night outside is the choice for you! With the right outdoor living furniture and cozy throw pillows and blankets, you are in for a fun and relaxing night!

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