Easy Home Organization Tips

Easy Home Organization Tips

It’s almost Jubilee Furniture’s favorite time of year! Home organization is exciting for everyone at our Las Vegas furniture store. Get ahead of spring cleaning with these easy ways to maintain a clutter-free home every day. Our Las Vegas furniture lady Mary Li has some tried and true tips for organizing your home. Try our home organization tips for keeping your home tidy from top to bottom!

Make a good first impression

When people walk into your home, the first thing they see is your entryway. Unfortunately, this area is often taken over by coats, backpacks, and more. Our Las Vegas interior designer has an easy home organization solution! Using a coat rack goes a long way for making your entryway tidier. For storage plus function, choose a hall tree from our Las Vegas furniture store. You can hang items, stash them away, and sit on the built-in bench.

Take advantage of hidden space

There’s always space to organize your home, you just need to know where to look. Your home is full of unused space! That space behind your sofa? Place a trunk, cabinet, or low bookcase there to store extra blankets and pillows. This also gives you another surface to show off a lamp or the beautiful decor you purchased at our furniture store in Las Vegas.

You can even get more use of the horizontal space under your bed with flat storage bins. This can be an extension of your closet. Store out of season clothes or big, bulky items like bags and blankets. The furniture lady of Las Vegas recommends using this home organization trick for storing linens. If you have a bed skirt, no one will even know about your secret storage.

Toy-proof your home

Get your kids in on the home organization by turning cleaning into a game. They’re more likely to tidy up after playtime if it’s not a chore. Need somewhere to store all of those toys, books, and craft supplies? The ottomans at our Las Vegas furniture store are perfect for concealing clutter while also being a functional piece of furniture.

Invest in a shoe rack

If your home has a mountain of shoes, you don’t have to throw everything out. Instead, organize your closet. A quick fix is to get a shoe rack from a furniture store in Las Vegas. A shoe rack keeps shoes accessible while protecting them from damage.

Keep flat surfaces free of clutter

It’s very easy for papers, books, and magazines to accumulate on flat surfaces all over your house. This is especially true for your living room, which is a common gathering are. Clearing away flat surfaces will make a huge difference for your home organization. Reserve those spaces for accents and lighting. The Las Vegas furniture lady recommends choosing a coffee table with space for storage. We have many options for coffee tables and end tables at our Las Vegas furniture shop!

Organize your medicine cabinet

If your medicine cabinet is full of outdated medicines, it’s time to clean it out. Get rid of anything old and expired. Make room for things you use every day, such as grooming supplies. Organizing your medicine cabinet will help you achieve a cleaner bathroom counter. Store any excess items under your sink. Home organization tip from the Las Vegas interior design pros: keep similar items in labeled storage bins. You’ll be able to slide out the whole container for easy access.

Label your containers

So, you bought some bins for home organization. Containers are great, but use them wisely. They need to be space-efficient and specific. The furniture lady of Las Vegas recommends properly labeling all containers. When you’re putting things away, a label helps to stop you from just throwing things into a container where it will never be found again.

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