Furnishing Your Vacation Home for Guests and Renters

Furnishing Your Vacation Home for Guests and Renters

A vacation home is an asset, one that you or your extended family and friends can use. However, renting out your property for short stays is the best way to get an excellent return on investment. Sites like Airbnb are credible platforms that allow you to showcase your property to potential renters. 


The website gives you exposure to a global audience. Depending on the location of your vacation home, you can expect a good flow of guests, which can bring in a significant income.

But before you decide to dive into this space, you need to make sure that you furnish the property well. 

Most people are unsure about how to go about selecting furniture for their vacation home. Those that have a creative streak are more than happy to embark on this project while others dread the thought of furnishing their vacation rental property. 


Why You Need to Focus on Getting Your Decor Right 

The short-term rental industry is ballooning at a rapid pace and becoming increasingly competitive with every passing day. The only way to ensure your vacation home creates an impact and draws attention on online platforms like Airbnb is about designing it thoughtfully and creatively. Here are some tips for furnishing your rental home.


1. Give Second-Hand Furniture a Miss

Some people don't think they need to make an effort or spend significant money on furnishing the space. They feel that they can decorate the vacation home with hand-me-downs or second-hand furniture from garage sales etc. But that isn't such a good idea, as the furniture isn’t likely to impress.

If you expect this property to be occupied for a large portion of the year, it means the furniture will be used just as regularly as any in a full-time residence. So a wobbly chair or creaking bed frame will become trash sooner than you think. Invest in good quality, durable furniture, so you have fewer hassles to deal with down the road.  


2. Look for Multipurpose Furniture

Invest in attractive and comfortable multipurpose furniture. You may not fancy eating at home when you use the space. However, you must provide a proper dining area that your renters can use. You don't need to have a dedicated dining room but can easily find some furniture that can serve a dual purpose.

For example, you can get a console or coffee table that can easily be converted into a dining table. When you opt for furniture that serves multiple purposes, you can make optimal use of the available space, without compromising on functionality. 


3. Create Stylish, Comfortable Spaces

Focus on creating the right aesthetic in all the areas. Do not try to use an over-the-top design theme. Keep things simple and design the vacation rental in subtle colors. After all, the place has to appeal to diverse guests. Do not over-decorate the space but make sure it has furnishings that will make it practical, comfortable, and stunning all at once.

Consider styling some features on the lines of elements and settings of your locale. For example, if your vacation rental is near the beach, use blue and white as the primary color theme. You can also add some seaside-inspired artwork or decor to the indoor spaces.  


Other Things to Do 

These are just some of the things to keep in view while designing a vacation rental. If you are considering listing your property on sites like Airbnb, look at some apartments and homes that show up there.

Check the display photos to get an idea of how other property owners are decorating their homes. You can derive inspiration from home furnishing sites or get some help from a professional designer too. The idea is to create a vacation home that will impress guests and renters.

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