How to Style Your Dresser

How to Style Your Dresser

Aside from the bed, your dresser is probably the most noticeable piece of furniture in your bedroom. It plays an important role in setting the style of your space. However, dressers often become the ideal place for stacking unread books. They may be strewn with jewelry, toiletries or even dishes that will eventually find their way back to the kitchen.


If this description reminds you of your dresser, a make-over is probably needed. By following a few easy tips, you can decorate your dresser just as well as professionals can. Follow these simple steps to give your dresser a complete makeover:


1. Clean it Up

First, start off with the basics by taking everything off your dresser. Remove the grime & dust from it by cleaning or polishing it. Then throw away things that you no longer require and remove ones that don’t belong there.


2. Create a Focal Point

If your dresser requires something large to balance it out, consider putting up a mirror or a piece of artwork. Your job’s already half done if the dresser is not positioned under a window. You can add a collection of pictures on the wall over it. The mirror or artwork you put up should be half the width of the top of the dresser, and never wider than the piece.


3. Add an Element of Height

Adding something tall right beside the dresser is a great way of balancing out your hanging mirror or piece of artwork. If the room already has a lamp which is placed close to the piece, consider options such as:


  • A decorative basket
  • A tall houseplant
  • A vase full of flowers (real or faux)
  • Tall pillar candle
  • Artwork that stands on top of the dresser, leaning against the wall
  • A jewelry box


4. Place an Aesthetic-Looking Tray

Something low and elongated will balance out the tall lamp or mirror that’s placed above your dresser. A tray isn’t just a decorative piece but also a useful addition. You can use it to place jewelry, perfumes, small memorabilia or even some spare change. Choose a tray that’s sturdy enough to hold all of the items yet stylish enough to make a statement.


5. Add Accents to Create Balance

The tray, mirror or a tall piece adds to the artistic look of your dresser. By adding tiny to medium-sized accents all around, you can create a very distinctive look on the furniture. Place a few knick-knacks opposite the large piece, and add a few more accents right beside the artwork itself. Choose various sizes of accents at your Las Vegas Furniture store, here are a few great choices:


  • Framed photos of friends and family
  • Candles
  • Houseplants
  • Decorative boxes or vases
  • Jewelry boxes
  • A few hardback books
  • Antique jars
  • Mason jars filled with jewelry


Once you have completed placing all the dresser elements, stand back and check it for positioning. Adjust the pieces to sync with your styling preferences. There are no rules when it comes to decorating, and you can get as quirky or whimsical as you like.


Some Useful Tips

In addition to all the pointers mentioned above, here are some useful tips to create the right effect:

  • Multi-use household decor is a great way to create uniqueness in your dresser space. Include additional task lighting by placing a decorative lamp with an attractive base.
  • If there is a rug in front of your dresser, match the lamp shade color to it.
  • Create symmetry by placing two tall vases or decorative pieces on either side of the mirror.


Unleash Your Creativity

Don’t shy away from mixing things up and using your own sense of style in your bedroom. For instance, you can always add a quirky touch with a retro clock, to complement the rustic look of reclaimed wood frames. If you feel that the color theme is too subtle, add a pop of color with a few pieces of art.

Mix and match decor pieces, color shades or go monochromatic. The idea is to create a space you will love to use every day. While you are giving free rein to your creativity, ensure that there is some sense of cohesiveness in the dresser setting.


Some Final Hints

Rather than creating a very uptight and formal look, aim to create a more casual feel. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • If you’re placing books, don’t necessarily line them up neatly. Create an informal setting by pushing some of the books askew
  • Work in smaller groupings like two’s or three’s
  • Odd numbers look much better than even numbers


The idea is to achieve a vibe that doesn’t seem too forced and should feel balanced. Scale back some of the artistry if one side of the surface feels heavy or the other feels wimpy. You will be able to easily achieve the intentionally styled look that you had aimed for.


Create Your Own Unique Style

In addition to this, you will find it easier to get rid of clutter and see how much a well-designed dresser adds to your room. You can occasionally give it a do-over and check for items that don’t belong there. By mixing things up just a little, you will have the dresser you always wanted. You can also change the dresser-top styling to match the holiday season.


To Trend or Not to Trend

There will always be a number of interior design trends that come and go. It’s a good idea to be aware of what these trends are and what new products have been launched in the market. However, it is even more important to keep the styling of your home and your personal preferences in mind while choosing furniture.

This will help ensure that your dresser and accessories fit in seamlessly into the styling and ambiance of your home. At our Las Vegas furniture store, you will find a wide range of furniture including unique dressers.

You can choose from different materials, styles, and designs to match your bedroom decor. In addition, you can also pick and choose from beautiful accessories to enhance the appearance of your dresser or other areas of your home.

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