Living Large: Small Home Decor

Living Large: Small Home Decor

The median home price in Las Vegas is $230,800. Not to mention the housing market is skyrocketing everywhere. For many people, a smaller living space may be the best option. Having a smaller home doesn’t have to mean less space to decorate. Don’t shy away from small apartment decor! In fact, this is the time to really show off your inner interior designer! Stunning furniture is waiting for you!

Fewer but Larger

A common misconception is that many smaller pieces of furniture is better for small spaces. However, decorating around fewer but larger furnishings looks more spacious. You should opt for 1-3 large statement pieces and choose decor based on those pieces. Creating visual space is important for small home design. If you’re looking for quality furniture in Las Vegas, we have a variety of beautiful statement furniture for both the living area and bedroom in different styles at Jubilee Furniture.

Choose Multi-functional

With limited space to decorate, it is important to take advantage of large pieces of furniture. Be sure you’re using space efficiently for your specific lifestyle. Choose functional pieces that can serve double or even triple duty. Find furniture with built-in storage. The right desk can also function as a dining table. An ottoman or two can also have multiple uses as a coffee table or extra seating. A futon is a great sofa choice for decorating a small living space. We have many choices available at Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas; it folds out and can be easily rearranged according to your needs! 

Be Picky

Don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely love and would be proud to have in your home. When looking through furniture stores, be thoughtful. Having a limited amount of space to decorate means you need to be picky. On that same note, de-cluttering your small apartment isn’t a bad idea. Get rid of the things you don’t need and make space for the things you really want in your small home. Can’t bear getting rid of anything? Rotate items instead of having everything out at one time. If you’re taking something out of storage, put a different item back into storage.

Go Vertical

Creating an illusion of more vertical space makes a small home look bigger. Look for low-sitting furniture, which makes more space for the eye to see vertically. You should also go vertical with storage. Choose tall and skinny bookcases. If possible, hang large items from ceilings or walls. Decorate your walls vertically rather than horizontally. Besides drawing the line of vision upwards, this makes use of otherwise unused vertical space.

Pops of Color

The best way to make a space look open and inviting is to keep it mostly monochromatic. If you simply cannot live without color, try some pops of color. Follow the existing color scheme of your small apartment and customize it with small touches. While visiting a furniture store, keep an eye out for colorful accessories to personalize your small space.

Create “Living Zones”

Divide your apartment into “living zones”. Visual dividers make small apartments feel more livable, especially if you’re living in a small studio apartment. That doesn’t mean you need to get a traditional room divider. Be creative! Use curtains so that you can divide spaces then open them back up. Bookshelves can function as both storage and dividers. If you have a beautiful headboard, use that to separate your bed zone from your entertaining zone. The possibilities are endless.


Although these tips and tricks are tailored for making a small apartment feel bigger, feel free to use these in a larger house. Remember to choose Jubilee Furniture when you’re looking for a furniture store in Las Vegas! We have beautiful furniture in Las Vegas at a great value. Mary Li, our Las Vegas Furniture Lady, will be more than happy to help you.

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