What Your Living Room Says About You

What Your Living Room Says About You

The living room is the first thing you see when you walk in someone’s home, besides the entry way of course. It is the first impression you have of a person from the type of sofa sets they have to the decorations on the shelves and coffee tables to the art and paint on the walls. Personality can be expressed differently by each person. Some may express themselves through style, creativity, tattoos... then there are those who express it through their furniture. The things you buy, the decor of your living room reflects your personality. Everything from the color of your walls to the type of sofa you have in your living room gives people an impression. So what does your living room say about you?

Sofa Sets

There are so many different types of sofas you can choose from. Some will go for a comforting style by getting sectional sofas. Sectional sofas say you’re someone who values space, comfort and probably spend a lot of time lounging around. Movie nights, game nights, having people over your house is something that you enjoy very much and sectionals are perfect for that lifestyle. Someone who doesn’t spend much time on a sofa would possibly go for a luxury style tuxedo sofa more for display and cleanliness. Tuxedo sofas are beautiful and stunning, but not the type of sofa you spend more than 15 minutes on.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables count as focal points for the living room. You can tell a lot about a person by what they have on the coffee table. If you have minimal things on there, this could just mean you’re a very organized person, neat and minimalistic. A preserved living room could represent someone who is very simplistic and refined in taste. Nothing is wrong with an organized living room! 

Living Room Accessories and Keepsakes

If there are tons of keepsakes around your living room… You are probably somebody that values adventure and new experiences that it is evident in your living room as you have many reminders of the things you’ve done. Many guests would likely see you as someone who is full of surprises and fun experiences such as traveling. Generally, what you choose to fill your living room with says a lot about what your interests are. Some people may go for abstract accent pieces which could represent an interest in abstract and modernly unique style.

Wall Art

It’s generally very common to have art decor in your living room. Someone who is more extroverted will likely have more creative and daring pieces of art on their walls. Someone who is introverted may generally stick to art that is simplistic and not too out of focus. A person with many photos of family and friends can symbolize their importance and how oriented they are with their friends and family. 

Color and Patterns

Color and patterns are similar to the art on the walls, but much more expansive. The color palette of your living room speaks volumes. Dark colors seem refined, edgy, and give off a bold feeling. Some may add a pop of color, such as red, which also reflects someone who isn’t afraid to look bold and unique. Bright, pastel and neutral colors can represent a sophisticated and comfortable look.


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