Why does Jubilee Furniture take 6-12 weeks for your special order?

Why does Jubilee Furniture take 6-12 weeks for your special order?

Special Order 12-16 weeks 

Jubilee Furniture is committed to provide excellence in craftsmanship and advance innovation in all our Furniture. All our sectionals and sofas are HANDMADE and meticulously HANDPICKED for our customers. Sofas continue to be made by Jubilee Furniture skilled individuals that are experts in their crafts. 

Step 1:(1-3 days)

  • Special orders are made e-SPECIAL-ly for you! When a customer places their orders with Jubilee Furniture, we process it - we contact our manufacturer to place your order. Your name is already tagged even before the work begins. 

SECTIONAL CONSTRUCTION(Click on for more details)


Step 2:( 3-5 Days)

  • FRAMING - Jubilee Furniture skilled workers seasons the kiln-dried wood and converts it to standard thicknesses where it is sawed to size, planed, intricately molding to shape (eg. Mars Leather Sectional), grooved, or rebated as required. The pieces are then machine sanded and finished by a hand carver to achieve perfection. Frames are always the primary foundation of the design of a sectional sofa.

Step 3:(1-3 Days)

  • WEBBING & SPRINGS - Jubilee Furniture uses standard upholstery groundwork which consists of a system of coiled steel springs resting on a webbing of burlap and tied to the furniture frame, which may be of wood, fiberglass and plywood or the modern non-sagging springs that are clipped to the frame and the steel bands that are held to the frame by helical springs.




Step 4:(1-3 Days)

  • PADDING - The springs are embedded in a filling material, such as foam rubber or polyester fiberfill wrap and the spring system is topped by a thick padding of cotton or foam rubber in sheet form. Muslin is frequently employed as an inner covering for this assembly. Loose cushions are filled with special spring units in a bedding of foam rubber and the springs are covered with layers of cotton. 

Step 5:(5-7 Days)


Jubilee Furniture has a group of skilled tanners that select the finest hides and guide our workers on how enhance the beauty of the hides through a unique tanning process. The entire assembly is encased in upholstery fabric or top grain leather.

  • Measure and Cut - Every piece and panel that will be fabric covered must be measured and recorded in a cutting list
  • Sewing is done to put the pieces together with attention to details - the panels and pieces need to be sewn together before being attached to the padded frame, this is taken care of first. The covering is basted, then sewn at the top and tacked at the bottom as with the other parts.


Step 6:(2 days)

FINISHING - Cover the sectional with the leather.

  • The sofa is flipped and covered at the base with a cambric (dust cover), finishing touches are then applied. The sofa may be fitted with one of several choices of skirt. Arms may be supplied with welted panel covers. Cushions are made separately to cover the seat. These are constructed most often from a jacket of ticking, encasing two pads that in turn frame an inner core of foam.


Step 7:(1 day)

QUALITY CONTROL - Jubilee Furniture QC Expert Team certifies the completed goods are 100% up to standard.

Every sofa is polished and cleaned. A quality control expert then inspects any deformity, flaws and dents in the finish product and approves release if passes 100% 

Step 8:(1 day)


  • We place each completely dry, removable sofa pillow in a plastic bag or wrap it with plastic.
  • Cover any wooden or otherwise vulnerable corners of the sofa with bubble wrap or cardboard.
  • Drape a cotton drop cloth, canvas or other sheeting over the sofa to protect it from dust. 


Step 9 :(4-8 Weeks)


  • Finished packaged products are scheduled to be picked up by a freight company
  • Ocean freight documents from country of origin are checked and cargo with your order is on its way to Long Beach, CA Port.
  • Another customs & duties check in Long Beach, CA Port. Once released is scheduled to transport to the Jubilee Furniture Las Vegas Warehouse. 
  • Personnel in the Las Vegas warehouse inspects and checks products. 
  • And schedules delivery to our customers in the US Nationwide.

Address:4525 W. Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Telephone:(702) 413-1253
Store Hours: MONDAY - SATURDAY: 10:00AM - 7:30PM
SUNDAY: 11:00AM - 6:00PM

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