Custom Your Living Space

Custom Your Living Space

Multi-color LED(Remote Control)

Upgrade your sectional with a color-changing LED light for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Remote control allows for easy ambiance adjustments. Transform your living space with the touch of a button for comfort and relaxation.

Cup Holder

Convenient and comfortable, adding cup holders to your sectional sofa keeps drinks within reach. Durable and easy to clean, they bring practicality to your living space. Upgrade your sectional with cup holders for a more enjoyable lounge experience.

USB Port

Upgrade your sectional with USB ports for convenient device charging while lounging. Multiple ports for simultaneous use, made of high-quality materials for durability. Enjoy a more functional lounge experience.

Bed Function 

Upgrade your sectional with a sleeper mechanism for a versatile solution. Easily convert from seating to sleeping for guests or overnight stays. High-quality materials and a supportive mattress provide comfort. A stylish and practical solution for all your seating and sleeping needs.

Additional Pieces

Upgrade your sectional with extra pieces for versatility and style. Add a coffee table, TV stand, console table, or armless chair for a complete lounge area. Designed to complement your sectional, these pieces bring functionality and a cohesive look to your living room. Transform your space with these practical and stylish solutions.

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