2019 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For

2019 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For

The beginning of the year is the best time to embark on your home remodeling and interior DIY projects. During this time is when up and coming interior design trends are revealed and you get to start fresh with your home design. Experimenting with new interior design looks starts with furniture. 

Before jumping right into your home project, be sure to declutter your home of pieces you find no use for anymore. Once you do so, you can start fresh with a blank canvas! It’s much easier to design when you have more leeway to change the color scheme and pattern of the entire room or home. Visit our blog on decluttering for helpful tips.

Just like any industry, furniture follows trends yearly too. Read on to learn more about the must-know furniture trends of 2019. 


Modern Kitchens

Kitchen remodeling is a very popular DIY project this year but can be perplexing when you don’t know where to start when doing so! Most homeowners go for a very timeless look for their kitchen. When it comes to kitchen furnishing, matte finishes are the ultimate trending touch!

Black is back when it comes to kitchen designs. You’ll notice that many homes carry black appliances and black stainless steel everywhere. It is a major appeal! This kind of look allows your kitchen space to look sleek and reflect a minimalist theme. 

Black, White & Grey Looks

Grey tones are in! Many people are leaning towards a combination of cooler and darker tones of grey in their color palette. It has become a new neutral color for many homes. 

Black and white color schemes are extremely elegant and timeless. This combination provides a sense of boldness to a home. You’ll want to make sure that this color scheme is in your list of home decor trends for the season. 


Sustainable Living

Many homeowners are slowly transitioning to a more sustainable way of living. A great place to start is replacing your lighting pieces with brands that are dedicated to sustainability. Many people find themselves wanting to remodel their homes and replacing each piece one by one with environmentally friendly items.  You may consider purchasing furniture with recognizable wooden designs rather than real wood. 


When Rustic Meets Modern

While it may seem like the bohemian and rustic themes are far gone, they are in fact, still very trendy! It’s easier nowadays to combine the taste and feel of a modern-contemporary home with rustic and boho accents. The combination of the two creates a unique, comforting and elegant feel to the home. 

The key to creating this style of a home is creating a sense of nature in your home. You may consider choosing different wooden or stone flooring to match your modern furniture. Just because the flooring and walls of your home are a rustic theme doesn’t mean your furniture has to be. That is where modern furniture comes in. The two mesh very well when chosen properly in a way that makes sense. You’ll want to make sure that you are staying in line with a certain theme to make this work. When you find a balance between the two, this combination creates a wonderful timeless piece where comfort and warmth meets modern and contemporary.

Sometimes, finding modern furniture at a good quality price can be difficult to find. You can expect the best in quality at Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas. 

Pantone’s Color Of The Year: Coral

Coral is announced to be 2019’s color of the year. You will find this bright color used year-long in furniture whether it be in subtle furniture accessories or creating bold looks for your home. Consider starting with accessories such as lampshades, throw pillows, or art. If you want to take a step further and lean towards being bold, accent walls that reflect this color will create that statement and add a nice flare to the room.

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