Ways to Organize Your Home Office

Ways to Organize Your Home Office

In with the new, out with the old! Whether you’re living in Las Vegas or Kalamazoo, organizing your work space is essential. Never bury your furniture underneath a pile of mess. Not only is it an eyesore, but it’s bad for your productivity! 

Declutter Documents

First things first when it comes to organizing your home office: purge the paper. Documents and loose paper tends to pile up overtime, so go over what you have and get rid of anything that isn’t essential. There are three easy steps to take when purging documents: shred it, file it, or take action on it. Some documents need to be destroyed or gotten rid of while others are permanent documents that have important information and need to be put away somewhere safe. Finally there are things that are currently awaiting an action from you such as bills, invoices, and other sorts of requests. You will be surprised at just how much garbage you’re hoarding on your desk! 

Use Organizational Containers

Hide away office supplies like extra reams of paper or packs of pens inside of drawers to keep them out of sight. Secondly, if drawers don’t appeal to you, instead invest in organizational containers that are pleasing to look at. It’s important to pick containers that also function as accessories or accents to the furniture you already have in your office. This will create a cohesive and well-functioning environment. Putting away loose clutter that clogs up your work space is a great way to start organizing your home office. 

Once your desk is free of loose debris and garbage you can really start focusing on your work and let the productivity shine. 

Use the Wall Space

Many of us tend to forget the prime real estate standing right above us. Walls aren’t just for hanging motivational posters anymore. Try utilizing a hanging organizer if you want to keep things like binder clips, pens, staples in baskets in a place that’s easy to see. There are even hanging filing systems for documents you can utilize if you don’t have any space in your filing cabinet! 

Utilize organizational tools such as calendars, white boards, or even a hanging computer monitor to best maximize your home office space. Furthermore, placing things high up on a wall creates an illusion of elevation and space that you’ll be grateful for, especially in smaller home office set ups. 

Manage Your Cords

Take stock of the tangle of cords beneath your desk because a messy cord system is one of the most common messes in most home office spaces. Divide your wires into three categories: everyday use, rare use, and never used. Donate the cords you never use so that you free up that space in your home office. Label the rest of your cords using pieces of tape so that you can easily track which cord does what. Invest in a cord organizer or create one on your own using DIY materials like alligator clips. Having an organized set of wires will alleviate a lot of the visual clutter in your home office and also make the tiny moments of your work life that much easier. 

Invest in a Desk

Nothing is worse than an ugly desk that has no space. A desk’s primary function is to serve as a workspace, but the furniture you have in your house should be something that truly sparks joy for you. Reflect on what you need and want from a desk and what your preferences are aesthetically. You can always browse our inventory here at Jubilee Furniture and start building your home office concept around a desk you love! Otherwise, you can try DIY tricks to alter the shape or color of your current desk to your liking.

Organize your Life Into Binders

One easy way to make your life flow a bit easier is to organize your life into binders that you can easily pull off of a shelf when you need them. Binders are useful for categorizing your documents and calendars into easily distinguished objects. These binder categories could be things like: Auto for everything concerning your vehicle, pets, work, medical or school. The possibilities are endless, use these binders however you need to use them.  

Utilize a Label Maker

In terms of organizing an office, a label maker is a holy grail. Turn unlabeled piles of documents or unmarked drawers full of important documents into an instantly organized receptacle of stuff. This is absolutely the easiest way to organize your office. If you ever need something, a well-utilized label maker will help you know exactly where everything is. 

Let the Furniture shine

When you begin organizing and de-cluttering your home office, the important thing to remember is that this is a room in your home, just like any other. Just like you don’t want your laundry covering every inch of your bedroom floor or garbage all over your living room - you want your home office to be full of clutter. Let the pieces in your home office really shine by de-cluttering and organizing your workspace. 

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