Cozy Living Room Tips

Cozy Living Room Tips

It’s just about that time warm bedding and home decor, comfy pillows and lots of cozy days and nights. September is the perfect month to start transitioning your living room furniture and decor and prepare for the new season and holidays to come.

If you’re like most homeowners, then you know the importance of making sure your furniture is up to date with the season! Here are 5 helpful tips to transition your living room from summer fun to a cozy just in time for the fall season!


Add Throw Blankets & Throw Pillows

If your home has a fireplace or your living room is your cozy go-to room in the house, you may consider getting throw blankets to add to the coziness! A blanket is anyone’s ideal companion, whether you’re having a movie night, reading a book on a lazy Sunday morning or enjoying the fire place with your family and friends. Fur throw blankets and rugs are the epitome of comfort with a hint of elegance. If your style leans more towards a modern and contemporary feel, a faux fur rug or throw pillow is a must-have for your living room!

Throw pillows are the best snuggle buddies! For the ultimate comfort, being bundled up in many pillows enhances your cozy experience at home. At this point, you may never want to leave your home!


Change Your Accent Colors

If your living room already has neutral colors and hints of vibrancy from the spring and summer seasons, that is an easy and quick change! Consider changing your curtains to something a little heavier, darker or with patterns. This time of year has tons of seasonal patterns that are perfect to incorporate in your style including a very popular one: plaid.

Accent colors make the biggest difference when you walk into a room. If you still have bright and pastel colors from the spring and summer seasons, it's likely that your home will have less of a warming effect to the room. Consider changing the colors of your walls to something two-toned such as neutrals and darker shades. You may even consider adding a different accent chair color to the living room to add to the coziness of the seating.


Large Sectional Sofas

The sofa set you choose for your living room impacts the way your living room makes you and those around you feel. Large sectional sofas are great not just for the fall season but for the spring and summer if you see your living room as a space you’d spend plenty of your time in. You may consider investing in a staple, comfy and large sectional that is transitional all year long. You can easily add pops of color for the summer or darker and neutral tones during the fall and winter seasons.  


Replace Coffee Tables with Over-sized Ottomans

Ottomans have a way of adding warmth to a room in a way that coffee tables can’t. The great thing about using ottomans is that it looks good in a small or large living room. Ottomans physically look warm and cozy compared to a coffee table during the fall and winter seasons. If you typically have gatherings at your home for the holidays, laying pillows around the table as seat cushions are a great way of making your living room cozy even for your guests. Grab your hot chocolate, fun games and enjoy a night in with your friends and family around the ottoman.

When the fall and winter seasons are over, you can always move the ottoman to a different part of the room. They are easily transitional, and you can use them for different reasons including storage or accent furniture to fill empty spaces in the entrance hallway and even bedroom areas.


Add a Different Rug

To top off your cozy living room, a change in rug will double the coziness level! Consider choosing a softer fabric to use in the living room. If you have wooden or tile floors, you will definitely need a comfy rug especially as the temperatures get colder. 


Modern and contemporary furniture styles are very popular. Sometimes it can be a hassle to find good quality furniture for a price that is reasonable. At Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas, we offer high-end and luxury styles with even better prices! 

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