Tips For Transitioning Your Home for Fall

Tips For Transitioning Your Home for Fall

Cooler weather is upon us, it's finally fall! Luckily, Las Vegas takes a little longer compared to most cities to actually be fall-ready. This buys us a bit more time to transition our homes into the season. The thought of replacing furniture pieces, adding new decor can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of doing a full home makeover, work smarter, not harder! Simply remove obvious spring and summer pieces and stop by your local furniture store in Las Vegas for exclusive deals in search for reasonable and affordable, easy to transition pieces. 

If you’ve read and followed our spring and summer furniture tips, you’ll know that keeping foundational pieces like couches, coffee tables should always be neutral, making it easier to transition any time of the year. 


Transitioning into a fall feel in your home is not as tedious as it sounds. Here are a few tips and tricks to transition your home for this fall season: 


Fill Your Home with Warm Tones

Color tones are important. It’s an obvious and easy thing to swap! Start with choosing a color palette that you love and the rest will be easy. The good thing about adding warm tones is that most accent pieces are affordable and make the biggest difference to your home. Swapping out your throw pillows to bolder, warmer colors and adding a throw blanket on top can instantly give off a cozy feel to your living room sofa set. You may consider different textured pillows such as velvet, wool and faux fur as perfect winter pieces. 


Popular colors for the season are burnt orange, mustard yellow and shades of red. Not only are these colors fitting for the season, but they are easy to transition into the holiday season nearing. Each color goes well with wood and dark furniture around your home. Patterned fabrics naturally go well with this color palette. 


Bring Out the Textured Elements

As mentioned above, textured decor brings in the fall. Consider layering your home furniture with textured pillows, throw blankets, table runners and even rugs. These additions can be minimal, but they make the biggest difference to a room. A throw blanket on the foot of your bed adds the right amount of warmth to make your bedroom feel even cozier during the colder months. 

If you've got tons of fall elements from the year before, you may consider splurging on one great staple furniture piece such as a new sofa set or dining table. Choose a set that can be used throughout the entire year. Wooden table pieces do very well all season long. View our wood-style dining tables at Jubilee Furniture. While wood is an older classic style, we carry very modern pieces that combine classic and modern styles. 


Add a Fall Aroma

As the days get shorter, and the nights get colder, you’ll want to truly create a warm and cozy ambiance. You can do this by changing the aroma in your home. From fresh flowers to pumpkin spice, your home scents can influence the feel of your home. Candles and diffusers are very popular elements to incorporate into your home. They make for great centerpieces or additions to your accent coffee tables, nightstands, and dining tables. If you want to get even more creative, add your candles in a mason jar for a simple, soft look. Your home will feel cozy in a matter of seconds upon walking inside. 

Change Your Curtains 

When you’re changing your accent colors for the fall season don’t neglect your curtains! You curtain drapes add to the feel of the room. You might consider being bold with the colors or adding a popular pattern if you’ve chosen neutral fall colors for throw pillows and blankets. Floor length and thicker drapes welcome the winter months and add the right layer to the room. 


Rearrange Your Furniture

In the midst of swapping out furniture pieces and adding to each room, the best trick is to rearrange your space. Colder months call for a cozier, more full feel in the room. Start by rearranging your furniture to create a cozy, conversational area. Pull those furniture pieces away from the wall and closer to each other to create an indoor warmth. Missing a few furniture pieces to complete the cozy feel? Stop by Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas to complete your home. You will find tons of neutral, long-lasting, and high-quality pieces for an affordable price! 

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