Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

When it comes to your children, we know they can be picky. They want their room to be completely decked out with a specific topic. Then, their interests change and next thing you know, the design changes again. The good news is, we can keep up with their interest changes with a few key design tips! With these simple steps, redesigning later down the road as their interests change won't be that difficult!





When it comes to themes, you’ll have to anticipate changes. One day, your children could want their room to have wilderness vibes, and the next day, they want it superhero themed. The most important thing when designing your child’s room is to expect those changes early.




Do your best not to make game-changing decisions that make the room impossible to change later down the road. If, for example, you paint the room dark colors, they will be hard to cover when trying to paint over them. Stick to neutral colors or possibly opt for easily removable wallpaper designs.






Children really like those strong, vibrant colors. But hold back just a little here. If you keep the colors of the walls a bit de-saturated and lighter than usual, they can be repurposed later. A light blue can be used for so many different “themes.” If you keep the color of the walls mostly neutral, you’ll have room to mess with everything else to fit your needs. You’ll also have to spend less time painting. Because if you go for a less obstructive color now, you can keep it for longer time.





The next big thing to consider is your choice of furniture. Furniture can make or break the unity of a room, but it makes sense not to spend thousands on a set that your child will likely change their mind about later.



Here at Jubilee, we have a wide selection of furniture for bedrooms, ones that you and your children will like. If you must mix and match what you have, that’s okay! Try your best to keep the colors consistent, though. A light beige will probably be your best bet, to make sure the room doesn’t feel too dark. But an accent piece of furniture, like a bookshelf in a dark brown, can help liven the space.




Don’t overcrowd the space with too much furniture. If there is too much storage, your child might end up trying to hold onto too much stuff. If there is limited storage, your child will have to learn what they deem important. This will also help to keep the space tidy, because if it’s out in the open, it’s easy to clean.






Once you’ve decided on a fair color and furniture set, you have free range on everything else! Decorations are the best way to keep your children happy with their room. Try movie or video game posters. They can easily be switched out for new ones. So, when your child moves onto their next obsession, you can easily change up their room. In the early years, you can stay on the cheap side of decoration. Your child likely won’t notice the difference, and you can feel good about saving money AND making your child happy.




Here are a few more things to consider:


·Bedding; children can absolutely love their comforter design if they help to pick it out. Since they are not ridiculously expensive, they can be switched out every few years.




·Rugs; rugs can add a pop of color to a room while protecting the carpet from those nasty spills. You can keep your peace of mind, and you child can feel great about his/her room!




·Wall stickers; if you want a cheap option to decorate the wall space in your child’s room, go for stickers! They can be removed later if your child no longer likes them, and they can add a ton of easy design for now.




When your children age a few years and they don’t like the idea of themes anymore, the posters and wall stickers can be switched out to more sophisticated decorations. You can switch them out for shelving to display prized possessions. Or, you can have professional canvases printed out with their favorite pictures. Then, the bedding and rugs can become subtler as they like!




We hope this was all useful advice for designing your child’s bedroom! Stay tuned for more furniture-related blogs to help you and your family.

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