Furniture Decor: Do's and Don'ts

Furniture Decor: Do's and Don'ts

When you move into a new home, the fun part is decorating but the hard part is making sure everything flows together. Each person at our Las Vegas Furniture store is happy to guide you with tips that will make it easier to design your home! While it does take some time to plan, there are a few things to consider down the road to avoid furniture, color, and theme clashes. Keep reading for common mistakes that you should avoid when designing your home! 

Wall Paint

One of the most common decor mistakes people make when decorating their home is choosing their paint colors first. Instead of trying to decorate around your paint color, you should choose a paint color based on your decor. It’s simple: there is a larger variety of paint colors than furniture colors to choose from. So, choose wisely!

Settle on some essential fabric furnishings first like rugs, pillows, and curtains. Once you’ve decided on those, you’re ready to pick a coordinating paint color. Don’t forget to test the paint on a small part of your wall before you take the plunge! If you’ve already committed this home decor faux pas, don’t worry! Our furniture store in Las Vegas offers customization options for the pieces you want.

Improper Lighting

Proper lighting is perhaps one of the most crucial elements for home decor. Natural lighting changes throughout the day and throughout the seasons. It’s important to find the right balance between natural and artificial light. Good, balanced lighting can make a room look larger and more welcoming.

The best way to comfortably light a room is to layer lighting. Sometimes it is necessary to have bright overhead lights. However, those lights can be glaring and jarring during certain times of the day. Additional light can be layered in with lamps placed in certain areas. For instance, you can put a lamp on a desk or near couches and beds. Lamps offer soft lighting that cannot be achieved alone with overhead lights.

Getting Too Trendy

If you want a truly unique space, stop following fads. Too often, people try so hard to keep up with last minute decor trends that they lose sight of what they really love. The best interior design comes from people who largely ignore trends and let their personal style shine through. So, make your home decor personal! Ask yourself what you love and what you want from your home. Focus on making design choices based on your own aesthetic. Create a home that you will love for years to come.

Out of Proportion

Size matters. It’s important to choose the right proportions when picking furniture for your home. When visiting a furniture store, keep the size of your rooms and existing decor in mind. Utilize a measuring tape if you have to. Measure your rooms and shop accordingly. A sofa that looks great in the store might turn out to be too big for your living room.

Height also matters. Don’t forget to think about height when measuring a space. Furniture that is too short compared to a wall can throw off the scale for the entire room.

Pay Attention to Small Spaces 

Often times we overlook the small spaces. The small spaces such as hallways, home entrances, bedroom corners and more. We tend to overlook these spaces but they are key to decorating! Adding a home plant, lamp or accent chairs in the corners of the room can make a huge difference compared to leaving those spaces empty. Not only does it make the room appear more full but it adds to the theme you are going for depending on what you place. But, do keep in mind that adding too many things can make your space look cluttered or appear crowded and small. 

More is not merrier when it comes to decorating your home. There is no need to showcase every single piece of decor you own in one space. If you have a collection of decor, place them throughout your home and group them together. Rotate items occasionally and put things away to avoid clutter build-up. This strategy also keeps your space looking fresh. 

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