Holiday Decor Do's and Don'ts

Holiday Decor Do's and Don'ts

Christmas songs are starting to play, the weather is getting colder and a cup of warm hot chocolate is waiting for you to cuddle up and sip on in your living room. The holidays have arrived! Decorating is the one thing many look forward to all year long. Preparing your home with holiday decorations, Christmas trees and furniture brings joy to many. It’s even more exciting to prepare for the holiday season for the first time as a new homeowner! 


There’s something about being surrounded by holiday decor that makes you feel more excited and jolly throughout the day. Turn your home into a winter wonderland with Jubilee Furniture’s tips for the season!


Choose Appropriately Sized Holiday Decorations  

Depending on your home and furniture size, you’ll want to make sure the size of your decorations is appropriate. A good question to ask yourself is whether the holiday decor compliments your furniture, if it adds to the room, enhances your space or if the item is too large or distracting. Sometimes bulky holiday decor can take away from the room and be distracting rather than complimenting. Always remember that your holiday decorations are meant to serve as a festive piece for the home and enhance your furniture


Before purchasing your holiday decor, take a wide look at your home by room. Start with your living room. Holiday decor should always feel warm and comforting, but does your living room furniture resemble the same? Is your couch too bulky? Is your couch missing comfort? If your couch isn’t as comforting, you may consider adding an accent chair to the mix. Visit your Las Vegas Furniture store for accent chairs that add comfort and warmth to the living room. This is key before adding your holiday decor! Accent chairs make great furniture pieces for the winter to make the room feel more full and cozy. 


Coordinate with the Colors of Each Room

Your tree will be the center of attention for your home. The colors you choose for your tree ornaments and decor should reflect the rest of your home. It is important to keep this in mind as you choose the decorations for the rest of your home. 


When you are picking out holiday decor, it’s important to color-coordinate! You may consider using one consistent color for each room. For example, if you choose red as your main color, you may use this accent color to compliment each room. You have more freedom to decorate each room the way you’d like as long as you choose one color that will tie each room together. 


Color schemes matter and change the whole look of a room if you don’t color-coordinate. As a new homeowner, you may consider choosing neutral colors when shopping at a Las Vegas Furniture store. Neutral colored furniture makes it easy to transition every season and every holiday in the year. 


Cozy up your living room

Your living room is where most of the attention will go towards. Nothing feels more in tune with the holiday season than a cozy sofa. Enjoying your cup of hot chocolate feels best when your sofa and chairs are cozy to go along with the cold weather. This is the perfect time to add throw pillows and blankets to almost every seat in the house. Enjoy fluffy pillows and blankets to add to the coziness of the room. 

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