Interior Decor Mistakes You're Making

Interior Decor Mistakes You're Making

Sometimes we get so excited to decorate our homes that we jump to the first thing we see and love without a plan. For the most part, we all have our own unique and wonderful taste, but there are a few decor mistakes the nearly everyone makes at least once. 

Impulsive buys are what get to us - only to realize there is no place for it at home and it looked better in-store than in your mix of furniture. This is the moment we regret a purchase and it goes to complete waste. What most of us don’t realize is, designing your home takes time, patience and understanding. 


Here are the most common mistakes that almost all of us make when designing our home and how we can avoid making them:


Impulsive Buying Without a Plan

The most common mistake we make is impulsive buys. Unfortunately, we all do it! We shop around aimlessly and find plenty of pieces that strike our attention and buy it because we think we’ll find a place for it at home. The worst part is - when we reach home, we realize that it either does not match the home or there is no place to put it. 

The best thing to do to avoid useless items and furniture is to plan ahead. Establish a budget, think about your home’s theme and take a good look at your home. After doing so, make a list of what you need or what you can add that enhances your home without making it look clustered. Keep in mind the size of your current furniture pieces as you are making your lists. There is nothing worse than purchasing an item you realize is too big for the room. 


Letting the Opinion of Others Affect Your Design Choices 

If you are unsure about a furniture piece, pattern or color, make sure you get a second opinion. If you find yourself feeling indecisive during your decision process, hearing the opinion of others can help give you perspective. However, many times we make the mistake of letting other people’s opinions decide our home design styles for us. At the end of the day, what you love is what counts! 

Las Vegas Furniture stores are extremely knowledgeable in home decor. At Jubilee Furniture, we offer a range of modern luxury furniture pieces in Las Vegas that are ideal for your home design. Our knowledgeable team has an eye for decorating. Should you have any questions, our team are well-aware of common decor mistakes that you can potentially avoid! 


Hoarding Old Family Furniture Pieces

We all love our family but that doesn’t mean we need to keep old family antiques in our home. One of the most common mistakes we can make is choosing to keep family antiques out of consideration for our family members. We tend to keep old items for sentimental reasons and unfortunately, it affects the look of our home. Eventually, you will notice that these pieces will begin to make your home look very clustered. 

Jubilee Furniture offers many modern furniture items that also keep classy and old-fashioned in mind. If you feel that you still like the look of traditional and classy furniture, our furniture pieces carry a combination of both traditional and modern elegance. 


Getting Too Caught up with Trends

“Choosing the things you love is never a mistake, just make sure you really love it and you’re not buying it because you think it’s cool right now.” Keeping up with popular trends is normal! Sometimes, we make the mistake of wanting to get everything that is trending and adding it to our home. In the long run, you take a look at your items and realize you regret even purchasing it. Getting too caught up with trends can be very costly and a waste of money!


Fear of Color 

We applaud those who choose neutral colored furniture for their homes. It’s easy to work with for each season in the year and extremely timeless and modern. Sometimes, homeowners fear that adding a splash of color will ruin the look of their home - but it does just the opposite!

If you’re ever wondering why your home feels as if it is bland or missing a key element, it could be missing an accent color. Adding an accent color to your home adds character and energy to the room! Start with adding patterned or colored throw pillows, artwork and rugs to the room and you will see a huge difference in the aesthetic! 


When it comes to home decor mistakes, the good news is, they are easy to fix. Luckily, being aware of common decor mistakes is essential to becoming better at designing in the future! Design your home like a pro in no time with these tips or simply visit Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas for more assistance on your purchases.

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