Make the Most out of Small Living Spaces

Make the Most out of Small Living Spaces

Housing in Las Vegas can be expensive, which is why most people live in smaller homes or apartments. Decorating and furnishing smaller spaces requires a little more thought than larger spaces because you have less room to work with. It’s easy to add too much and make the space feel cluttered.


On the other hand, some people are hesitant to add furniture and installations they need in order to save some space. That can compromise the room’s utility and level of comfort. There are ways to furnish your space comfortably without making it too cluttered. This blog provides some easy tips to make the most out of small living spaces (with furniture):


1. Study the Space Carefully

Before planning the furniture placement, consider the empty space carefully. Take note of the doors and windows, corners, permanent installations like beams or fireplaces, etc. It’s also a good idea to look at the floor layout and consider the room’s purpose to understand what you have to work with. For example, if the room has large windows with a great view, place your sofas where you can enjoy those views easily. Make note of the key aspects of the space to understand what to highlight and what to disguise.


2. Keep the Design Cozy

A cozy space provides a comforting shelter from the outside world. It can be a little cluttered, but in a soothing, artistic way that helps a space feel like home. The best way to achieve this result is to choose a bright, well-lit corner of the living space and add a cluster of sofas or lounges to it. Make sure the seats are placed close enough to each other to allow easy personal interaction. Choose a fluffy rug to add a little more dimension to the area. This will create a comforting space where you can curl up and relax after a hard day. To balance this out, make sure there is no other furniture around the cozy area.


3. Choose a Big Couch

Some people believe they should install a smaller sofa or chair to save space, but that’s unnecessary. This will probably be your most utilized piece of furniture so it is a good idea to pick a large, comfortable one. Make your sofa the statement piece of the space and decorate other areas based on its color and design. This will help maintain consistency and flow of design. If space is a concern, replace the coffee table with ottomans. They take up less space and can be moved around easily.


4. Reduce Number Not Size

In the same vein as the previous point, it's better to have a few larger furniture pieces than many small ones. Follow this principle in all rooms for the best results. For example, use a large bed and remove additional bedside tables, floor lamps, and any other non-required furniture. A large bed will dominate the space and make the room look bigger because it is a flat, unbroken surface. It’s a good idea to create a list of priorities and determine which furniture items are most important. This will help you decide what you need and what you can afford to go without.


5. Double Duty Furniture is Ideal

It’s easy to find furniture that serves two or three purposes at the same time. You can find a work desk that can be a standing desk, dining table, and a storage space at the same time. A sofa can expand into a bed and provide storage for linens. There are several artfully designed double-duty furniture items available in stores. They can make your space much more functional.


6. Choose Large Rugs

Small rugs will visually break up the floor space, making it look much smaller. Choose a large rug that covers most of the visible floor are to allude to a larger space. You can select any pattern or color you want, though light colors work best. Large rugs with large, bold patterns will create the illusion of space and add interest.


7. Play with Color

Color can make a big difference in how you perceive space. Light colors make spaces look bigger, and any splash of color against them will stand out. The idea is to choose a color that creates the illusion of space on large furniture and then add bright spots of color with small furniture. For example, a large bed with gray or pastel colored sheets will create an illusion of space. Dark red or pink pillows and covers will ensure the space doesn’t look one-dimensional.


8. Low Seating

Low seating or wide couches open up vertical space. The room will look like it has higher ceilings, especially if you pair low seating with longer curtains or blinds. Expanding vertical space is just as important as expanding floor space because that will make your room feel big and airy. If possible, install floor-to-ceiling windows in living rooms and bedrooms for added effect.


9. Invest in Smart Storage

Smart storage solutions rely on optimal space utilization. They will provide ample storage opportunities without breaking up the flow of design in a room. These options can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where storage is necessary but you have limited space.


10. Paint the Walls White

White creates the illusion of space, which means a small room will feel bigger if the walls, floors, and ceilings are white. This isn’t everyone’s favorite color, but it helps create a blank canvas that allows furniture pieces to shine. For example, a stately blue chair will look stunning against a blank white wall. A blank canvas on the walls and floors gives you more room to personalize the space.

People say everything is expensive in Vegas, but it is possible to find good quality, affordable furniture for your home. You can choose from a collection of elegant and modern pieces furniture pieces like accent items, sofa sets, dining sets, patio furniture, bar units, etc. With the right furniture, your small living space will have the personal touch and personality needed to make it feel like home. 

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