Transforming your Entryway

Transforming your Entryway

The entryway is one of the first things you see when you step into a home. It gives an idea of what to expect and showcases the property’s personality to some extent. A bland or messy entryway can alter the entire vibe of your home, which is why it’s a good idea to redesign it. An entryway should be welcoming and blend in seamlessly with the home’s overall architecture. Fortunately, it isn’t very difficult to alter the look and feel of the space. You just need to add a few pieces of furniture to the right places for best results. Here are some tips that can help:


1. Invest in Good Storage

Entryways are small spaces that can easily become cluttered. This is where you place your shoes, coat, bags, and other accessories like umbrellas. Most people like to have a space to keep their keys so they can be found easily. All of these items can make the space look cluttered if there’s no smart storage solution installed in your entryway.

Place a shoe rack along with some space to hang coats and other accessories in the entryway. This ensures it looks clean and organized.  A good-quality shoe rack will fit in seamlessly with the design of the entryway. Choose one based on the size and layout of the entryway to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm the space.


2. Make Sure the Space is Well-Lit

Darker spaces feel smaller and more cluttered, which can make your entryway look unwelcoming. The best way to avoid this is to install good lights and find ways to introduce natural light into space. If the ceiling is high enough, you can install a small but grand chandelier in the entryway. This light fixture will add elegance and luxury, which will set the tone for visitors.

If there’s no space for chandeliers, install small but well-designed fixtures like wall lights, recessed lights, and lamp shades. A well-lit entryway will look modern and spacious, especially if you install fixtures that amplify and spread the light.


3. Install Mirrors 

Mirrors are a great addition to a small room because they create an illusion of space. A combination of light & reflection helps make the entryway seem larger than it is. A mirror can also be a good decorative feature. There are different designs available so you can easily find a mirror that fits into the overall aesthetic of your home.

For example, you can install sleek, minimalist mirrors to complement an urban or contemporary design. A slightly ornate or worn down mirror is ideal for cottage-style or vintage decor. Make sure the mirror is big enough to dominate the space because small mirrors will only break the flow of design. That makes a room appear smaller and more cluttered. You can also create a mirror wall with multiple different size pieces. This adds a multidimensional, textured feel to the space.


4. Add a Seat

If there’s enough space in the entryway, add an accent chair. This can make the place cozier and inviting, which immediately sets a comforting tone. A low settee with comfortable upholstery will give the space a luxurious vibe. If you don’t have enough space for a settee, consider a plain wood beach with some bright cushions. You can install some storage items underneath the bench, which means you might not need a shoe rack.

Whether you choose a bench, chair, or settee, make sure it is of the right size and design. Don’t choose something that will overwhelm the entryway space or make it appear crowded. It’s also a good idea to ensure the furniture piece complements the overall decor well. A wooden bench with a natural finish looks great in an entryway.


5. Add a Statement Piece

If you don’t want to add a mirror or have two large, empty walls in the entryway, consider adding a statement piece. This can be a large print, painting, or any kind of eye-catching artwork. Statement pieces add character to the space and make entryways look personal. A beautiful, vivid piece of artwork won’t seem out of place or wasted in the entryway if you choose the right spot for it.

Make sure the artwork fits the general theme of the decor but still stands out and catches attention. Statement pieces should be distinct instead of blending in with the flow. Contrasting colors, bold prints, and vivid designs will fit in well.


6. Use Hooks in Small Spaces

If the entryway is too small, adding storage furniture or racks can make it feel cluttered. The best way to get around this is to install hooks on the wall. This will allow you to hang bags, scarves, keys, and other such items. Hooks don’t have to be plain and boring as you can find something that complements the entryway’s decor easily.

For example, you can use rustic carved wood bars as hooks in traditional decor. Sleek metal bars or plain wooden bars with a natural edge finish are great for modern or contemporary spaces.  Hooks don’t take up much space and can add interest to a basic wall if you choose something artistic.


7. Add a Rug

Many people prefer to keep the entryway floor space bare because rugs can easily become soiled. This is especially true if you have children bringing mud carelessly into the house. However, interesting rugs can be a great addition to the entryway. They will add to the welcoming atmosphere, cover up plain floors, and give the space a finished appearance. Furniture experts in Las Vegas recommend a bold rug with an eye-catching design.

Make sure the piece complements the space well. For example, if the entryway is minimalist in design, add a geometric pattern or bold color rug to the floor. This will maintain the theme but also ensure the space doesn’t look too boring.

With the right furniture, you can make an entryway shine. All guests will have a good impression of your home from the moment they step through the door. 

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