Spring Furniture Cleaning Tips

Spring Furniture Cleaning Tips

Spring brings flowers, sunshine, and happiness! Something else that it brings is the sometimes-dreaded spring cleaning. Cleaning the different pieces of furniture around your house might seem daunting but with these helpful tips, you will be left with a sparkling house!

Fabric Couches and Arm Chairs

You don't always need to hire someone to clean your couch! Before you spend big bucks on a cleaning company try to tackle cleaning your couch yourself. The first step is to wipe down your couch, or armchair, with a dry cloth. If that doesn't work well, you can also try a stiff brush. Wiping down the piece of furniture first will remove any dust or dried on pieces that you want to get rid of. Next, you will want to sprinkle a fine layer of baking soda onto the fabric and let it sit. After about twenty minutes use your vacuum’s brush attachment to suck up the baking soda.

If you have a particularly tough stain you can also mix in a carpet cleaner with the baking soda when you sprinkle it on to the fabric. After you let that sit vacuum it up. From there you will want to spot clean any areas that need special attention with a cleaning solution sold specifically for the type of fabric you are cleaning.

Drapes and Curtains

Curtains and drapes are often times forgotten when it comes to spring cleaning. This is bad news because they can hold lots of dust and pet hair! Before you jump into cleaning action be sure to figure out what type of fabric you are trying to clean. If you do not know for sure, it is best to just to follow the cleaning instructions on the tag to avoid permanent damage.

For garment fabric curtains the directions are pretty straightforward. Start by removing all of the hardware from the curtains or drapes. After removing the hardware take the panels outside and shake off as much dust, dirt, and pet hair as possible. From there you can wash two panels at a time on the delicate cycle. Be sure to use the cold water setting and dry on low heat. Make sure you take the panels out of the dryer right away to avoid any wrinkles or creasing!

For sheer fabric or lace curtains, you are going to have to get a little more hands on. Just like above, take the panels outdoors and give them a good shake. Next, you will want to take one panel at a time and submerge it in soapy water for about ten minutes. After letting the panel soak start to swirl it around in the water to shake off any debris or dirt. Lastly, drain the soapy water out of the sink and refill it with clean water. Swirl the panels once more, this time to get rid of the soap. Do not place these in the dryer, be sure to air dry only!

For velvet curtains, you will want to use your best judgment if they can handle being washed at home or if you should opt for a dry cleaner. Consult the manufacturer's tag and find out if they are machine washable or if they require dry cleaning. Unlined velvet curtains can sometimes be washed at home. Before you get to work you will need to do a colorfastness test by using a damp light colored washcloth. If the dye transfers from the curtains to the cloth stop what you are doing and head to a dry cleaner! If the color holds and does not transfer you can wash them one panel at a time using the delicate cycle. Use cold water and only half the amount of detergent that you would typically use. Something super important to remember, do not place them in the dryer! These should be laid out to dry on a flat surface.

Need a Change?

Maybe cleaning just isn’t your thing and that is ok! Whether things are a little too worn to save or you just want a new style we have something for you! Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas is a great place to shop for the best furniture in Las Vegas at affordable prices without having to sacrifice quality. We offer a wide variety of furniture options and home accessories that can bring a breath of fresh air into your living spaces.

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