Freshen Up Your Home with House Plants

Freshen Up Your Home with House Plants

Air freshener sprays and scented candles are some of the common ways to add freshness and fragrance to the indoor areas of a home. However, these aren’t always the best choice from a health or eco-friendliness point of view. It’s far better to freshen up your home by adding flowering or fragrant houseplants to the indoor spaces of your home.

There are numerous houseplants whose foliage or flowers can contribute fresh and pleasant smells to your home and help mask disagreeable odors. In fact, houseplants can also help improve indoor air quality as they eliminate the need for chemical-based air fresheners.


Freshen Indoor Air with these Houseplants

Different houseplants can freshen the air naturally. Here are some flowering plants that you can place in various indoor areas of your home. Not only will they add a pleasant fragrance to these spaces, but will also add a pop of color in your home:


  • Jasmine - Not all varieties of jasmine have a fragrance. However, Jasminum polyanthum is one variant that emits a honey-sweet scent at night and can be grown indoors. It’s important to keep this plant near a window as it needs plenty of sunlight to thrive.
  • Scented Geraniums - These flowers have fragrances reminiscent of coconut, lemon, apple, cinnamon, rose and more. Scented geraniums have very attractive leaves too. The shapes range from deeply divided and crinkled to rounded, which lend a very aesthetic look to the indoor areas of your home.
  • Gardenia - This plant has an amazing fragrance. While it is typically grown outdoors, with some care, it can be grown in interior spaces too. Make sure they get plenty of natural air and sunlight and you can enjoy their fragrance in your home. The white rose-like flowers have a heady scent that can fill a large room.
  • Citrus - Many people like the sweet smell of citrus tree blossoms, whose extracts are widely used in confections and perfumes. These flowers can easily be grown on window sills or placed in various areas of your home. All citrus plants emit sweet fragrances of grapefruit, lemon, and orange and they lend amazing freshness to the indoor areas. But citrus plants require well-drained potting soil, constant watering, and ample sunlight.


Some citrus varieties that will grow well indoors and bloom include trovita orange, calamondin, and meyer lemon. You can also consider growing the orange jessamine, an aromatic plant that belongs to the citrus family. Its fruits aren’t suitable for consumption, but the white blooms have a refreshing fragrance. All citrus plants need sufficient sunlight and its best to place them outdoors during the summer months.


  • Orchids - These are a very popular houseplant and with good reason. They’re available in a variety of fragrances and grow well indoors. Some have a more citrus smell while others have a jasmine-like fragrance. Certain varieties have a delicious vanilla fragrance too. But these plants aren’t very hardy and require special care and attention.
  • Lavender - These flowers have a very relaxing and soothing smell and they can help you sleep better at night as they calm the nerves. They need a cool environment to grow well, but require equal amounts of sunlight. It’s best to keep them close to a window where they will get plenty of exposure to the sun.
  • Tea Rose Begonia - Most varieties of these flowers aren’t scented. However, tea rose begonias have a sweet, light and refreshing fragrance. The plants are very attractive in appearance and grow well on windowsills. In fact, you can also grow them in hanging baskets in balconies or porches too. They look as great as they smell.


Tropical shrubs like plumeria and gardenia are some of the most fragrant houseplants. Both these varieties require special care, but if you tend to them with regularity, you will be rewarded with showy and deliciously aromatic blooms. Frangipani or plumeria is a tropical plant that is often used in perfumes.


Herbs Make Great Houseplants

In addition to flowering plants, you can grow some common herbs and spices. These act as natural air fresheners and become a source of fresh ingredients for your cooking as well. Some of the common herbs you can choose from include:


  •       Lavender
  •       Mint
  •       Oregano
  •       Parsley
  •       Thyme


You can also get a little creative with your houseplant selections. For example, get some Cuban oregano or sweet bay. Once these plants have grown to a certain height they are pretty hardy and will thrive in the indoor environment. Make sure that they get sunlight for at least some part of the day.

Try drying some of these herbs and then use them to add fragrance around your house. Some potted bulb varieties are very aromatic and make attractive indoor displays as well. Paper whites and hyacinths are some of the common houseplants for this purpose.


Some Aspects to Keep in View While Choosing House Plants


  • As mentioned earlier, many of these houseplants require a certain amount of sunlight. Try to place them near a window or open balcony so you don’t have to move them too often.
  • Not all fragrant plants are happy indoors. In this case, you’d have to keep them outdoors for a certain period of the day and then bring them indoors occasionally.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the type of conditions a particular plant needs. Choose the soil carefully and make sure it drains well. Use good quality organic fertilizers and pest control sprays to ensure your plants remain healthy and pest-free.
  • Try to place more than one plant in a particular place. They are living things after all and grow better when there are other plants around them.
  • Procure your houseplants from a credible nursery so you can be sure they are healthy and potted well.
  • Water the plants with regularity, but make sure they aren’t being over-watered.
  • You can take some advice from gardening professionals about which of the above mentioned plants will be best-suited to the environment in your home.


Including houseplants in your home is one of the best ways to add freshness and fragrance in the indoor spaces without the use of chemical and harmful synthetic fragrances. There are a variety of choices of houseplants for every decor style of home! Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas is a great place to shop for the best furniture in Las Vegas at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. 

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